Health week is run twice across the academic year, in the middle of each semester. The aim of health week is to provide students with events and tools to ensuring they are each fostering good mental and physical wellbeing. Each day a different event is put on for the students in the hope that it will encourage the students to step out of their comfort zones, get physically and mentally aware, and take a break from the pressures that begin to build during semester.

The week also provides for the opportunity to promote and support local and national charities that have a strong focus on mental wellbeing. In 2017 TULS partnered with SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY to hold a trivia night with all proceedings raised going directly towards the charity. Not only is it important to hold these events to get students to start thinking about their own wellbeing, but it is important for them to be aware of the wellbeing of others and how to spot the warning signs that something may be wrong.