A clerkship is a legal internship in which a law student (usually in their penultimate year) gains work experience at a law firm. Clerkships usually run over the summer and range in length from 3 weeks to 3 months, and most clerkships are full time paid positions.

Clerkships are important to gain exposure to the legal industry and build workplace skills. They are also important as many top-tier mainland firms recruit for their graduate program exclusively from their clerk pool. However, there are many that will take applications from students who have no completed a clerkship so don’t stress if you haven’t!

New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia have schemes which dictate uniform application dates, interview periods and offer/acceptance dates for each state. Be sure to check these early in the year as they change annually.

Utilise resources such as the TULS Careers Guides and clerkship application websites such as applygrad, legalvitae and cvmail to see which firms offer clerkships and how to apply. Beware these aren’t exhaustive lists and always do your own research about a firm before applying!

2019 Clerkship Dates and Firms: TBA

If you have any further questions about clerkships please contact careers@tuls.com.au