The welfare of students is a primary focus of TULS. This is evidenced by the role of the Student Welfare Officer whose primary role is to foster, promote and nurture the wellbeing, both physically and mentally, of the students. The Student Welfare Officer acts as a liaison between the students, the committee and the faculty to raise and advocate any issues of concern that are impacting or have the possibility to impact students. The Student Welfare Officer is also responsible for running student welfare events, such as health week and chat & chat, as well as promoting wellbeing resources and events to students. The role of the Student Welfare Officer is becoming more prominent as society is developing, and issues relating to student welfare have never been more alive in society as they are now. The emphasis TULS places on this position and the welfare of students is one of the things that makes the UTAS law faculty a unique, welcoming, friendly and happy place.

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Contact the 2018 TULS Welfare Officer – Ashleigh Constance


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