Competitions Guide

2019 Committee Executive Applications

Nominations for the 2019 TULS Executive are now open! Positions up for nomination this week are:
• President
• Vice President (Education)
• Vice President (Activities)
• Vice President (Sponsorship)
• Secretary
• Treasurer


Nominations should include:
• Nominee name and student ID Number
• Nominee e-mail
• Nominee mobile number
• Expected nominee year level (in 2019)
• A statement (from the nominee themselves) that the nominee will/intends to satisfy all relevant requirements of the TULS Constitution regarding eligibility (s 18) and campaign (s 20) and respects TULS’ right to terminate their candidacy if breaches of these requirements are found.

If you are planning to be away for an extended period over the summer break, please also include a statement about your travel plans in your nomination.

Nominations are open to students of all years who fulfil these requirements and we encourage interested students to nominate.
Please send your nomination through to by 12pm on Friday!

Please also take the time to have a look at the TULS Constitution in regards to the conduct of elections and position descriptions. Campaigning must not take place until nominees are announced!