‘Probably the hardest and most time-consuming portfolio in TULS’ (Distinguished Alumni, Will Bartlett)

The primary role of the publications portfolio is publishing the Pettifogger (‘fog) and the Advocatus. Further, and notwithstanding a lack of constitutional recognition, the publications officers are (self) designated MC’s of the annual Law Ball and decide which awards to give out.

The value of this independent media source cannot be overstated, especially in the light of recent marginalisation of such sources. Unlike some other ‘independent’ news outlets, Cooper & Sam have integrity that cannot be bought out. Further attributes inherent to these gentlemen that make them perfect candidates for success in this role is that they: work hard; play hard; express commitment, determination and resilience.

The publication officers also play a key part in holding the President accountable by always keeping Genevieve on her toes and slightly nervous.

#liveforthesesh #publyfe #unmsactionplan

Yours truly,

Sarah Butler & Samantha Griffin


Here you will find the 2019 Pettifoggers!

Pettifogger 2019 – Issue 1


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