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Electives Guide 2017

Here you will find archived publications as well as minutes from all TULS meetings this year:

The People’s Pettifogger (Issue One, 2017)

Pettifogger Issue 1 2017

The People’s Pettifogger (Issue Six, 2016)

The Peoples Pettifogger 7

The People’s Pettifogger (Issue Five, 2016)

The Peoples Pettifogger 5

The People’s Pettifogger (Issue Four, 2016)

The Peoples Pettifogger 4

The People’s Pettifogger (Issue Three, 2016)

The People’s Pettifogger 3

The People’s Pettifogger (Issue Two, 2016)

The Peoples Pettifogger 2

The People’s Pettifogger (Issue One, 2016)

The People’s Pettifogger

2016 TULS Constitution

TULS Constitution 2016

2016 TULS AGM- Minutes and Reports

TULS AGM 2016 Minutes and Reports

2016 TULS Electives Guide

Electives Guide 2016

The 2015 TULS Student Opportunities Guide

Download the guide

The 2015 TULS Careers Guide

Download the guide

TULS Meeting – March 3rd, 2015

Download the minutes from this meeting

TULS Meeting – February 24th, 2015

Download the minutes from this meeting

TULS Meeting – October 15th, 2014

Download the minutes from this meeting

2015 Electives Guide

Download the Electives Guide

2014 Careers Guide

Download the Careers Guide

2014 Student Opportunities Guide

Download the Opportunities Guide

2014 TULS Constitution

Download the 2014 Constitution

Student Handbook

The TULS Student Handbook is now available for online consumption. Feast your eyes upon what is definately the most definitive guide to TULS, UTAS and the Law School!

Download it Here!

2011 Health and Well Being Guide

The fantastic TULS Health and Well Being Guide is now available online for download. A must read for any law student, covers how to manage stress, general wellbeing, depression and drugs. Lovingly prepared by Emily Hume, Hayley Sinclair and Aaron Moss.

Health and Wellbeing Handbook.

2011 TULS Education Guides

The Application Letter
Resume Writing
Telephone Interviews
Networking Guide

2011 Clerkship Guide

Clerkship Guide 2011

2011 TULS Constitution

TULS Constitution 2011