Publications ‘probably the hardest and most time consuming portfolio’ (Will Bartlett, 2016)

The primary role of the publications portfolio is the publishing of the Pettifogger and Advocatus. It is not in the constitution, but it is also the publication officers’ (self-proclaimed) responsibility to give out awards at Law Ball.

With a reader audience well beyond the confines of the law faculty, it is a position that requires a great deal of time and effort. With this role comes a great deal of responsibility and endless opportunities. Highlights have involved interviewing The Hon Michael Kirby, scrolling through hundreds of entertaining emails sent to Mat & Henry’s Mailbag and trying to keep our subcommittee consisting of Sam Padgett, Cooper Denehey and HLA Hart in line.

Yours truly

Mat & Henry


Here you will find the 2018 Pettifoggers!

Pettifogger Issue 1, 2018

Pettifogger Issue 2, 2018


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